The CarBiz Audi R8

StuiiDesign's first real life project started with a replica of Alex Choi's McLaren 720S design from 2019. I replicated the design for Forza Horizon 4 and, as always, created a time-lapse video and some Instagram posts.

This drew attention to a good friend of Choi, Aamir Shaikh (known as The CarBiz), who then recognized my work.

He then told me that he had been looking for a design for his Audi R8 with a Vörsteiner kit for a long time, but that no designer was able to create a suitable design for him and that he wanted to see it in 3D before he would be wrapping his car. 

So he chose me to create a design concept that should later be wrapped on his vehicle. The first concept became the final version, because Aamir had found great appeal in the design.

first concept

The graphic designer MonacoAutoDesign finally implemented the project according to my specifications and the design became reality. It's wrapped by RDB-LA.

The car was also featured in a vlog by the well-known Youtubers Daily Driven Exotics (DDE) and was also very well received.

  • TCB R8 (5)
  • TCB R8 (1)
  • TCB R8 (4)
  • TCB R8 (6)
  • TCB R8 (7)
  • TCB R8 (3)
  • TCB R8 (2)

ingame version: 📸 by RTGraphy

  • TCB-9
  • TCB-10
  • TCB-6
  • TCB-4
  • TCB-13
  • TCB-7

reallife: 📸 by Joseph Azizi

big thanks to everyone who made this project possible !